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Aaron Plys
Status: Former Researcher
Position: Post-doc
Email: plys@molbio.mgh.harvard.edu
Mailing address: Kingston Lab, Harvard Medical School
Country: USA
Website: http://molbio.mgh.harvard.edu/Kingstonweb/
  Short Bio:
Aaron received a BS degree in Biochemistry and Genetics at the University of Minnesota, USA in 2005. Aaron subsequently received his PhD degree from the department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Cornell University, USA in 2011. At Cornell, he performed his PhD work with Dr. Eric Alani characterizing how DNA mismatch repair proteins from the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae diffuse along DNA and chromatin. Aaron recently joined the lab on a U.S. Fulbright scholarship to Cyprus and is screening for novel regulators of histone arginine methylation in budding yeast using high-throughput SGA analysis and robotic screening methods.
Kirmizis Lab • Biological Sciences • Univeristy of Cyprus • 1 University Avenue • 2109 Aglantzia • Nicosia • Cyprus
Phone: +35722892683, Fax: +35722895337