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Demetria Pavlou
Status: Researcher
Position: PhD Student
Email: pavlou.demetria@ucy.ac.cy
Mailing address: Department of Biological Sciences
Office: ΘΕΕ02-B268 (Wing H)
City: Nicosia
Country: Cyprus
Telephone: +357-22-893975
Fax: +357-22-895337
  Short Bio:
Demetria entered the department of Biology at the Aristotle University (Thes/niki-Greece) and seeking to broaden her educational experience, she continued at the University of Leicester (UK) for a degree in Biological Sciences-Genetics. She carried on there for an MSc in Molecular Genetics where she had the fortune to work in Prof. Yuri Dubrova’s lab. Using a mouse model, she investigated the effects of irradiation on transgenerational instability. Since 2010, Demetria is a PhD candidate in our lab. She is interested in investigating the relationships between protein posttranslational modifications, protein function and cancer, using human cancer cell lines. Demetria is the lab member that is prone to door accidents, so she posted appropriate signs all around the lab. However, people still continue to slam the door in her face but she believes that the incidences are unintentional…..NOT!
Kirmizis Lab • Biological Sciences • Univeristy of Cyprus • 1 University Avenue • 2109 Aglantzia • Nicosia • Cyprus
Phone: +35722892683, Fax: +35722895337