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Funding: The lab is funded mainly by grants from the European Research Council (Starting Grant 2010 – ChromatinModWeb 260797) and the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (YΓΕΙΑ/ΒΙΟΣ/0609(ΒΕ)/09). These grants mostly cover costs for equipment, consumables and staff salaries.                             

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Lab Meetings: As a group we have weekly lab meetings to discuss ongoing projects. All lab members present on a rotating schedule and have the opportunity to receive feedback on their work. Additionally, we hold an annual lab retreat, which takes place usually in the autumn, and there we try to identify the future directions of our research.  This is also an opportunity for the group to have fun activities together.

Collaborations: Our lab has ongoing collaborations with various groups located in different universities such as the University of Toronto, IGBMC in Strasbourg, Cambridge University, University of Victoria, and MD Anderson Cancer Center. Our lab participates as an associate member in the Epigenesys network of excellence, which is an ambitious EC-funded research initiative on epigenetics and systems biology.

Department: The lab is based at the new but rapidly expanding department of the Biological Sciences at the University of Cyprus. There are currently thirteen faculty members within the department that pursue cutting-edge research in many areas of molecular biology including, infectious diseases, cancer biology, human genetics, bioinformatics, developmental biology, and microbiology using various model organisms such as flies (Drosophila), frogs (Xenopus) and mice. Our lab interacts closely with other groups within the department such as the bioinformatics and cancer biology labs.

University: The University of Cyprus is the leading educational and research institute in the country. The lab is located at a brand new campus in Nicosia, the island's capital city. Information about living in Nicosia can be found here.

Kirmizis Lab • Biological Sciences • Univeristy of Cyprus • 1 University Avenue • 2109 Aglantzia • Nicosia • Cyprus
Phone: +35722892683, Fax: +35722895337