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Antonis Kirmizis
Status: Faculty
Position: Assistant Professor
Email: kirmizis@ucy.ac.cy
Mailing address: Department of Biological Sciences
Office: ΘΕΕ02-B179 (Wing H)
City: Nicosia
Country: Cyprus
Telephone: +357-22-892678
Fax: +357-22-895337
  Short Bio:
Antonis is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences at UCY since 2009. He received his Bachelors in Biology in 1999 at Lawrence University, USA. He then moved to the lab of Professor Peggy Farnham at University of Wisconsin-Madison for his PhD studies. There he defined the role of human polycomb protein SUZ12 in transcription and cancer. In 2004, he joined the lab of Professor Tony Kouzarides at Cambridge University as an EMBO and Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow where he characterised the role of histone arginine methylation in the regulation of gene expression. Recently, he has received a prestigious ERC starting grant from the EU in order to establish a research laboratory that aims to identify novel regulators of protein arginine methylation and their link to diseases such as cancer.
Kirmizis Lab • Biological Sciences • Univeristy of Cyprus • 1 University Avenue • 2109 Aglantzia • Nicosia • Cyprus
Phone: +35722892683, Fax: +35722895337